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April 13, 2021

MFL MarMac Community School

                                                             April 13th, 2021   

Day of the Week: Tuesday

Cycle Day: 6                                                                                                   Day of the Year:  147      __


1) If any 8th graders are interested in High School Football Cheerleading, tryouts are coming up soon.  More information will follow.  

2) Wednesday, April 14th, is a 220pm dismissal.   

3) The Boys’ Track meet for today has been postponed.  Practice will be held like usual.

4)  Flyers are outside the office for anyone interested in participating in the Maquoketa Valley Mini Cat Track Meet for students in 1st – 6th grade.  The event is scheduled for May 2nd at the Maquoketa Valley High School.  Details are on the flyer.

5) April 16th is mid-term of the 4th quarter.

6) Fun Fact: Today is National Scrabble Day.

7) Today’s Lunch: Scalloped potatoes with ham, dinner roll, green beans, and peaches   

8) Tomorrow’s Breakfast:  Cinnamon toast and peaches

9) Tomorrow’s Lunch: Quesadilla with lettuce, baked beans, fresh fruit salad, and a bar


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© 2021 MFL MarMac School District. All rights reserved. 
© 2021 MFL MarMac School District. All rights reserved.