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What are some classes that students say they enjoy most? (Students - Video 17)
Are classes hard? A lot harder than middle school? Are the teachers strict? (Students - Video 18)
What classes are required for freshman year? (Written Response)
How do students decide which electives to take? (Students - Video 19)
What classes are there mixed grades in? Does it bother you to have classes with older/younger kids? (Bernice - Video 20 Written response & Students - Video 21)
Can you drop a class if you don’t like it?  (Bernice - Video 22)
Is it hard to keep up with all of your classes? (Students - Video 23)
What happens if I don’t pass a class?  (Bernice - Video 24)
If you take an elective that is one semester could you take that same class again the next year? (Bernice - Video 25)
Are students able to fit in all the classes they want? (Students - Video 26 & Mrs. Fischels - Video 27)
Can you have the same schedule as your friend? (Mrs. Fischels - Video 28)
Is study hall worth a credit?  (Written response.)
Would you recommend taking Spanish freshman year? Is it ok if I wait until my second year to take Spanish? Is Spanish hard? (Students - Video 29)
Do I need to take any Ag classes to be in FFA? (written response)
Why should I take a technology and/or a business class in high school? (Melisa Jones - Video 30)
Why should I take an Industrial Technologies course in high school? (Joe Milewsky - Video 31)
Is band class the same period as Study Hall? (Larry - Video 32)
What college courses can we take in high school and what years of high school? When can I start taking college classes? (Bernice - Video 33 and link to Course Guide)
Can you only take college classes through NICC or other colleges too?  (Bernice - Video 34)

© 2021 MFL MarMac School District. All rights reserved. 
© 2021 MFL MarMac School District. All rights reserved.