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December 6, 2019

MFL MarMac Community School

                                                             December 6th, 2019   

Day of the Week: Friday

Cycle Day:  5                                                                                                   Day of the Year:  69     __


1) We all know how it feels to be distracted while writing papers.  This year's middle school production of " The Internet is Distract- OH LOOK A KITTEN!"  brings your popular social media outlets to life.  A comedy that explores the rabbit hole of distraction that we all go down every time we go online.  If you would like to participate, auditions are Dec. 12th, from 3:30 - 5:45 in the middle school band/chorus room.  

2) The MFL MarMac StuCrew currently has order forms out in support of their Thin Blue/Red Line Project.  Items that can be ordered are shirts, sweatshirts, ornaments, bracelets, blue light bulbs, and flags.  There are order forms outside the office, and the clothing and ornaments can be purchased with the order form or online at:   

3) The December Harry Potter club meeting will be this Thursday, December 5, in the library from 3:30-4:30 pm. Bring the book you are currently reading! Any questions, email Mrs. Haberichter.

4) The McGregor/Marquette Center for the Arts is again offering an Art Afterschool program for students Kindergarten through 6th grade, scheduled to start January 27th.  Flyers have gone out to 4th & 5th grades.  6th grade students that are interested can get a flyer outside the office.

5) Pay attention to the Holiday StuCrew activities and fundraisers…..all money donated stays local.  This Wednesday is “Forget the Shoes & Wear a Hat Day”.  Donate $1 to participate.  The Holiday Train is scheduled to be in Marquette next Sunday at 2:45pm.  Please consider donating to the Clayton County Food Shelf and getting a raffle ticket for your donations.

6) The Class of 2025 Baseball Team is sponsoring a Baseball Camp on 12/27 at the High School for students interested in working on pitching, hitting, and defense.  Flyers have been handed out to 4th & 5th grade, and are outside the office for 6-8th grade students.  Cost is $25 per student.  Registration deadline is 12/22.

7) Today’s lunch: Soft-shell taco with lettuce, black bean salsa & chips, raw veggies, orange slices  

Tomorrow’s breakfast: French toast and apple slices   

Tomorrow’s lunch: Mr. Rib on a homemade bun, sweet potato fries, corn, and a banana


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© 2019 MFL MarMac School District. All rights reserved. 
© 2019 MFL MarMac School District. All rights reserved.