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SIAC Minutes

February 8, 2017

Attendance:  Dale Crozier, Emily Welper, Kathy Koether, Jen Wilwert, Trent Miene, Denise Mueller, Tasha Fritz, Jessica Peterson, Nick Larson, Amanda Meyer, Eliza Philpott, Natalie Heiring, Melissa Haberichter, Brandi Crozier, Lauren Haberichter, Chelbe Feuerhelm, Larry Meyer


  1. Jen reviewed the minutes from the November 9, 2016 meeting.
  2. Review of Programs, Review of Goals, and Discussion by Instructional Coaches
    1. School safety:  Cameras are throughout the buildings.  Suggestion was to make sure the stairs are fully covered or to maybe add a camera to the learning commons.  Elementary teachers have an emergency bag with contact information ready for evacuations.  Fire department helped to reevaluate our tornado plans within the last two years.  Twenty-four new doors are being installed at the McGregor Center to allow it to be locked from the inside.  An ALICE training update would be beneficial for staff, students, and parents.
    2. Technology: Students in grades 3-12 are taking a survey for classroom use, skills, access, and beliefs now until February 15. The data will be reviewed at the end of February and shared at the next SIAC meeting.
    3. Academics: What is the selection criteria and what does instruction look like for TAG (Talented and Gifted)?  Natalie and Emily shared what their program looks like.  The identification criteria is listed below.  About 50 students in McGregor Center are identified and about 45 students in the Elementary.  McGregor looks at data annually, but the elementary evaluates semi-annually based on FAST, classroom assessments, and Iowa Assessment.  Student activity is based on the area of strength.  At the high school, the guidance counselor helps monitor courses available for TAG students. The elementary program allows for 30 minutes sessions sometimes twice of week.  In McGregor, the sessions are 40 minutes.  How could we support kids who are gifted musically? 
    4. Expansion of the curriculum:  Tabled until next meeting.
    5. Facilities:  Tabled until next meeting.
    6. Other items brought up in discussion:  Should a mental health strand be added to our strategic plan?  Should the high school reinstate peer helpers?
  3. Next meeting will be in April. Date to be announced soon.

Identification of TAG students

Identification of Students- Students may be nominated for consideration for gifted and talented services based on the following data points:


Teacher recommendation

FAST (K-3)

  • Will be looking for scores that are above grade level (might include Oral Reading fluency, and high levels of Nonsense word understanding, for example).

Iowa Assessment (2nd and 3rd)

  • 95% ranking and above will be considered for gifted program services

Parent Recommendation

Reading running records

  • Used to determine the approximate reading level of students

Math benchmark scores, math content assessments, and basic math facts assessments

Scores on grade level writing rubrics

Scores on related arts

4th-8th Grade

Iowa Assessment

  • 95% ranking or higher nationally in one or more content area on the Iowa Assessments will be considered for gifted program services


Parent and Teacher Recommendations

9th-12th Grade

Iowa Assessment

  • 97% ranking or higher nationally in one or more content area on the Iowa Assessments will be considered for gifted program services

ACT 26 or better

Parent and Teacher Recommendations


November 9, 2016

Attendance:  Jen Wilwert, Dale Crozier, Heidi Feuerhelm, Melissa Haberichter, Tasha Fritz, Eliza Philpott, Brent Pape, Jessica Peterson, Heidi Meyer, Brandi Crozier, Crystal Thurn, Niki Guese, Larry Meyer, Denise Mueller, Amanda Meyer, Leslie Henkes, Tamara Butikofer

  1. Dale reviewed the purpose of the School Improvement Advisory Committee, the long-term strategic plan, and May 9, 2016 minutes.
  1. Jen reviewed the 2015-16 Iowa Assessment data and annual goals with community members.
  1. Reviewed Strategic Plan Goals (see attached).
  • New school website is being up-to-date
  • Facebook was started last year, but needs to be kept more up-to-date this year.  Brandi Crozier wants someone else to take over maintaining the page.
  • Suggestion to encourage RSS subscriptions to the website.
  • An hour of coding will be introduced to all students K-12 December 5-11.
  • PE Department is researching ways to align to core curriculum and looking into heart monitors.
  • There are new menu items in the cafeteria, more fresh fruit and veggies, grab and gos, and YOGA is being offered in the mornings for elementary students.
  • There is a before school program at the McGregor Center and there is an art program after school.  In the high school, there are ‘cerebral excercises’ on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the morning and art club on Monday and Tuesdays after school.  These programs are being funded by a one-year grant for grades 5-12.
  • A 21st Century Grant is being written for the elementary.  The focus is for homework help, fitness and nutrition, STEAM, adult classes, reading and math activities.  The grant deadline is December 11.  It is a 3 year grant and will pay salaries, snacks, and supplies.  It will be open to all families with no charge, Monday through Friday, 3-6 p.m. and have summer offerings.
  • Career Learning Links with NICC comes on Thursdays to meet with students.  This provides opportunities for job shadowing and mentoring, paying for ACT and mileage, CNA supplies/clothes and some college credits.  Juniors are being signed up for this program and seniors who signed up last year are continuing with the program.  On Wednesdays, businesses are coming to teach students about their field of study.  Moyna’s/Mobile Track in Elkader are working with MFL MarMac students also.  Tamara Butikofer teaches employability skills for juniors and seniors this year in the fall.  All of her students will be taking the NCRC in November and in December students will have mock interviews with volunteers from NICC.  They also receive college credit for taking Tamara’s class.
  • There is a new playground at the McGregor Center.
  • With a new logo for MFL MarMac CSD, way-finding signage has been added to all buildings.  The logo has been added to the vehicles, letterhead, and apparel.  It was custom-made for MFL MarMac.
  • There is a continuing exploration for a recreational gym.  The size being explored is for two gyms and a walking track.  The location may be behind the wrestling room and in the location of the old swimming pool. 
  • McGregor Center got new bleachers, ceiling, and lights.
  • Architect is looking into adding elementary bathrooms and studies are continuing.  There is no specific timeline at this time.
  1. Meeting minutes will be added to the school website.
  1. Next meeting will be at the end of January.  The date is to be determined.  Instructional coaches are looking for topics to be covered at future meetings.
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© 2017 MFL MarMac School District. All rights reserved.