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Crozier's Comments

The spring sports and activities seasons are beginning and we wish everyone the best of luck.  Congratulations to the winter sports and winter activities programs for another successful year and for all of your hard work.  This winter we won many things, and we also lost a few things.  The greater good in all of this is the product of participation and being involved in a team or group that is working together.

I am glad that we are able to offer a variety of academic, athletic and fine arts programs and activities at MFL MarMac.  A famous American educator and philosopher, John Dewey, believed that school should be a microcosm of the greater society.  By that, a school should have some of the same variety and experiences as real-life and be somewhat of a mini-society within itself.  This idea led to such concepts as physical education, field trips, hands-on science and inquiry-based education.  That same process actually paved the way to many of the programs that American schools have today that are both curricular and extra-curricular.  One way to look at schools would be to visualize a triangle.  The bottom of the triangle would be academics and instruction.  The two sides would be fine arts and athletics.  The academic base is by far the most important part; however the other two sides give it wholeness.  There are some students who go through school, that are very academic, do very well and do not participate in sports or fine arts; however these students are few.  On the other hand, there are many students who stay in school because of either athletics or fine arts, or both.  The vast majority of students enjoy a balance between academics and some activities of their choice, and this has been a positive strategy for us.

It’s my hope that we can continue to offer our programs to students for all of the above reasons and even financial reasons that complement this.  In today’s dollars one child will generate over $80,000.00 in the thirteen years that they are in school.  If just a few students either move here or don’t leave here because of something in our programs, academics or offerings, that can make a large difference to the long-term outcome.  For this reason things like starting a trap-shooting program, having daycares, and having adequate space for athletics, fine arts, and academics can make a big difference in the end.  Costs to build and maintain our facilities are large, but not nearly as large as running out of kids.  Also, we have been able to utilize the sales tax revenue to build most of our projects.  The exceptions to this would be the first music addition that utilized the sales tax in addition to a large grant; and the first daycare which was a joint effort between the city and the school with the city obtaining a sizable block grant.  Although the financial aspect is a secondary purpose to the service education provides, it’s always something we must consider.  At the end of the day our school is here for our children and that must always be our top priority.

Dr. Dale Crozier, Superintendent

© 2017 MFL MarMac School District. All rights reserved. 
© 2017 MFL MarMac School District. All rights reserved.